Surf, shop, socialise - and stay safe online with Experian IdentityProtect

  • Lets you know if your details could be in the wrong hands with 24/7 alerts
  • Looks out for your bank account details, passport, email addresses - and much more
  • Helps to protect you against identity theft with on-going advice and support

Why choose Experian IdentityProtect?

Identity theft and fraud is a big problem costing individuals in the UK £1.2 Billion in 2012.* Most cases happen online with banking, shopping and socialising on the internet all offering rich pickings to criminals. That’s where Experian IdentityProtect comes in, helping you to stay safe online. Here is how it works:

  • Add the important information you want to protect to our secure system. We’ll monitor for it 24/7

  • If your information is at risk we alert you by email or SMS

  • Plus there’s advice and support to help you resolve any issues

You enjoy life online without the worries. Easy!

  • So what are the risks?

    Just think about all the information you give away online – everything from bank card and bank details, your date of birth, home and email addresses to the name of your pets and children. If a criminal gets hold of even some of that, they could impersonate you, hijack your accounts and make life miserable.

  • Did you know?

    • The number of hijacked credit accounts rose by 53% between 2011 and 2013 (CIFAS Annual Fraud Trends, January 2013)
    • Over 35 million pieces of personal information were used fraudulently in 2012, three times higher than in 2011 (Experian Victim of  Fraud team 2013)
    • The average victim of identity fraud suffers a financial loss of £1,100 (Experian Victim of  Fraud team 2013)
  • How Experian IdentityProtect can help

    Experian IdentityProtect continually monitors the web for all of the information you register with us. We’re constantly on the look-out for your information and if we suspect it may have fallen into the wrong hands, we’ll instantly send you an email alerting you of the problem. We’ll also offer advice and guidance to help resolve the issue. With Experian IdentityProtect you can act early and keep in control of your personal details online.

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*Source: National Fraud Authority, National Fraud Indicator, March 2012